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I'm Kristen Lisanti. I apply the art + science of mindfulness to transform lives + businesses.

I have 15 years experience working with visionary organizations and executives to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, both internally and with the public. I've learned the secret to cultivating meaningful transformation and sustainable growthfrom within. 

How I can help you: You are looking to grow. As a person, as a professional, as a business. I will help you identify where you're strong and where you're getting stuck. Working together, we'll build your high-touch and high-concept skills and craft strategies that align your growth with your goals.

And grow you will. 

Things you'll know after 5 minutes with me: I'm a consummate people person, an introspective extrovert and an intellectual empath. Whether you see me as a nerd with a heart of gold or a fierce lady with a big brain, you're going to want to work with me. I'm fun like that.

My credentials: I'm trained and certified as a mindfulness facilitator by UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center. I'm currently pursuing Brain-Based Coaching certification with the NeuroLeadership Institute. I'm an AmeriCorps alum, where teaching sex ed to high school students was my first job. Throughout my career, I've worked in-house and consulted extensively with creative agencies, social change initiatives and entrepreneurs. I love working in each of these fields but my favorite thing is bringing them together to connect the dots and move the world forward.

You can find more about me and my work at