I work with leaders at all levels, helping them disrupt old patterns of thinking, acting & reacting.

My clients have a 100% success rate in creating positive change for themselves & others.

Our work together is grounded in cutting-edge neuroscience: your brain's default reactions to social triggers, helpful/harmful mindsets, inquiry that sparks insights & your own ability to change your brain by changing your thinking. You will learn the fundamentals of brain-based mindfulness practice & apply them to your daily life and work.

Together, we'll move from problems to progress, from drama to insights, from intention to action. 

+ Flexible: Individual or corporate/internal coaching

+ Structured: One-on-one sessions for 12 weeks

+ Self-Directed: Choose your own adventure

+ Visionary: Inspiring, actionable goals

+ Effective: Solid strategies, concrete steps

+ Proven: Tangible, meaningful results

+ 100% confidential