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Mindfulness sparks change in each of us as individuals. It multiplies within teams.

But mindfulness at the core of an organization has impact that is exponential. 

I work with values-based & mission-driven businesses to rethink the way they operate as employers, developers of talent & drivers of progress. 

Over the past two decades, I've helped public and private institutions shift beliefs and behaviors, embrace innovation & navigate change. My offering as a consultant to your organization sits at the intersection of structure, culture & communication. 

Together with your executives, we will challenge established ways of thinking, acting & operating. We'll craft programs & processes that establish next-level leadership, support your people's excellence & propel your business forward. 

+ Organizational design: Building a business around its people

+ Leadership cultivation: Growing a diverse team of leaders (at all levels!)

+ Professional development: Fueling growth that's meaningful to your team members & your business

+ Performance management: Putting the individual at the center of the conversation

+ Internal communications: Speaking to be heard & listening to understand

+ Cultural assessment: Examining what's working & what needs work

+ 360 reviews: Uncovering your own areas for growth & service to your teams